Forward Watch

Forward Watch, October 2

A by-the-numbers look at Team Rubicon’s hurricane relief operations and an update on the west coast wildfire situation.

Hurricane Sally

Robertsdale, AL

Right now, there are 18 Greyshirts on the ground in Robertsdale. In total, 50 Greyshirts have deployed to the area.

Team Rubicon has assisted 51 residents and completed 21 work orders including:
4 debris removals
18 chainsaw operations
3 expedient home repairs
1 muck-out

14 open work orders remain.

Pensacola, FL

Currently there are 18 Greyshirts in Pensacola canvasing the area for residents in need. In total, 36 Greyshirts have been deployed.

Team Rubicon has served 45 individuals and completed 25 work orders including:
2 debris removals
14 chainsaw operations
12 expedient home repairs
2 muck-outs

14 open work orders remain.

Hurricane Laura

Lake Charles, LA

Right now, there are 81 Greyshirts on the ground in Lake Charles. In total, 373 Greyshirts have deployed to the area.

Team Rubicon has served 243 individuals and completed 143 work orders including:
25 debris removals
76 chainsaw operations
48 expedient home repairs
1 muck-out
28 heavy equipment operations.

122 open work orders remain.

Greyshirts will expand their operations from Lake Charles to Cameron Parish once it becomes accessible, and potentially to Beauregard Parish in the coming weeks.

Orange, TX

There are currently 53 Greyshirts deployed in Orange County. A total of 168 Greyshirts have taken part in the operation here.

Team Rubicon has assisted 226 individuals and completed 104 work orders including:
31 debris removals
79 chainsaw operations
9 expedient home repairs
9 muck-outs

26 open work orders remain.



The August Complex Fire has burned 955,513 acres and is 47% contained as of October 1.

The North Complex Fire has burned more than 314,000 acres and is 79% contained as of October 1.

Berry Creek, a mountain town in Butte County, suffered 15 deaths and saw 1,238 structures destroyed–including the fire station and the homes of six of the seven firefighters.

Team Rubicon is deploying to Berry Creek to restore a donated, privately-owned fire station. This effort will bring the Berry Creek Fire Department back to normal operations and give the firefighters a temporary place to live. Tasks will include clean up, paint scraping, painting, and more to make the firehouse operational and livable.


Team Rubicon is monitoring the Cameron Peak Fire in Larimer County, CO. This fire has burned more than 125,000 acres and is 30% contained.


Currently 10% of the population of Oregon is displaced by the more than 20 fires raging across the state. 

Team Rubicon is conducting recon on one of the larger fires, the Beachie Creek Fire, which has burned over 192,000 acres with 59% containment.


The largest fire is currently the Pearl Hill Fire, with over 223,000 acres damaged and a 94% containment.

Team Rubicon is working with emergency management officials to determine the need for a response.