Forward Watch

Forward Watch, October 16

After evacuating for Hurricane Delta, Greyshirts are back in Louisiana and Texas for round two of Operation Crying Eagle.

Hurricane Delta

Situation Report

Last Friday, Hurricane Delta made landfall in Creole, Louisiana, not far from where Hurricane Laura came ashore in August.

The storm hit with 100 mph winds and a five-foot storm surge–undoing weeks’ worth of recovery work in a matter of hours. Despite Delta being a weaker storm than Laura, it brought significantly more flooding. Officials estimate that hundreds of already battered homes in Lake Charles, LA took on more water.

Lake Charles Mayor Nic Hunt said, “Add Laura and Delta together and it’s just absolutely unprecedented and catastrophic. We are very concerned that with everything going on in the country right now that this incident may not be on the radar nationally like it should be.”

How Team Rubicon is Responding   

At the request of the Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff’s Department, Team Rubicon completed route clearance in the town of Jennings and nearby neighborhoods. Route clearance teams are now heading back to Lake Charles to continue their work there.

Recon teams are in Alexandria, LA assessing damage and determining the capabilities that will be needed to assist residents with their recovery.

Hurricane Laura

Over 70 Greyshirts have returned to Lake Charles, LA and Orange, TX to re-establish operations after evacuating for Hurricane Delta last week.

They will continue with chainsaw operations, expedient home repairs, muck outs, and heavy equipment operations. Greyshirts will also revisit homeowners that have previously received assistance to check if they suffered more damages from Delta.

In Lake Charles, LA, Team Rubicon has assisted 371 individuals and completed 184 work orders. There are still 121 open work orders remaining.

In Orange, TX, we have assisted 300 individuals and completed 137 work orders. There are still 65 open work orders remaining.

Hurricane Sally

As of October 15, 21 Greyshirts are on the ground between Robertsdale, AL, and Pensacola, FL.

Team Rubicon has assisted 133 individuals and completed 61 work orders. There are still 17 open work orders remaining.

Wildfire Response

Between October 14–19, Team Rubicon deployed to the towns of Rainbow and McKenzie Bridge, Oregon–communities that were impacted by the Holiday Farm Fire. 

Greyshirts provided debris management and cleared dangerous trees for residents.

Wildfire Monitoring

Team Rubicon continues to monitor the wildfires on the West Coast and remains poised to respond.

This season, California has reported 19 active fires burning over 2.5 million acres and Oregon has reported 8 fires burning almost 900,000 acres.