Forward Watch

Forward Watch, November 13

As of today, Team Rubicon has assisted over 3,194 individuals on 43 Core Operations responses in 2020.

New Operation 

Flood Response in Washington D.C. 

This week, the nation’s capital experienced steady, heavy rains that prompted officials to issue a flash flood warning. The severe weather led to reports of high water, downed power lines, and submerged roadways. 

How Team Rubicon is Responding 

Team Rubicon is sending Greyshirts to muck out a basement for a local family that has children with severe asthma. 

This basement in the family’s home has flooded several times and suffered water damage. If left untreated, it could become a breeding ground for mold that would aggravate the children’s health issues. 

Team Rubicon is conducting this operation at the request of Yachad, a D.C.-based non-profit that seeks to bring communities together by preserving affordable homes. 

A map of Team Rubicon’s current disaster response operations.

Completed Operations 

Orange, TX 

After ten weeks of hard work, Team Rubicon has demobilized its response to Hurricane Laura in Orange County, Texas.  

Between early September and October 31, more than 368 Greyshirts deployed to this community to provide residents with sawyer work, expedient home repair, roof tarping, and debris management. 

Team Rubicon assisted 495 individuals and completed 199 work orders on this operation.  

Cedar Rapids, IA 

Greyshirts have completed a short operation to check in on the residents of Cedar Rapids, Iowa that Team Rubicon assisted after a powerful derecho devastated the region in August.  

They successfully touched base with the homeowners, completed several outstanding work orders, and helped bring debris clean-up to a close. 

Sawyers doing their thing on Operation Crying Eagle in Orange, TX.

Ongoing Operations  

Lake Charles, LA 

Team Rubicon continues to serve the residents of Calcasieu Parish as they recover from Hurricanes Laura and Delta.  

As of November 12, 67 Greyshirts are on the ground in Lake Charles, LA. In total, 537 Greyshirts have deployed to provide route clearance, expedient home repair, and debris management for this community. 

Greyshirts have assisted 673 individuals and completed 265 work orders. There are still 87 more work orders remaining. 

Baldwin County, AL 

Team Rubicon continues to serve the residents of Alabama and Florida near Mobile Bay as they recover from Hurricane Sally. 

As of November 12, 33 Greyshirts are on the ground between Robertsdale, AL and Pensacola, FL. In total, 185 Greyshirts have deployed to provide roof tarping, expedient home repair, and debris management for this community. 

Greyshirts have assisted 385 individuals and completed 173 work orders. There are still 68 work orders remaining. 

Greyshirts mucking out a house that suffered water damage during Hurricane Laura.