Forward Watch

Forward Watch, January 8

New vaccine distribution support operations are helping to turn the tide against COVID-19.

Vaccine Distribution Support

Now that the U.S. COVID-19 vaccination campaign is underway, Team Rubicon is partnering with public, non-profit, and private healthcare agencies to assist in every way possible. 

Vaccine distribution support services being provided include:

  • Site Administration – setup and management of points of distribution, traffic control, and patient check in.

  • Logistical Support – warehouse operations, inventory management, documentation, and additional wraparound tasks at points of distribution and secondary sites. 

  • Clinical Decompression – pre-vaccination screening of patients and observing patients for negative reactions after the vaccine has been administered.

  • Volunteer Management – Vetting and registering volunteers from partner organizations, training volunteers in agreed upon methods of operation, scheduling and assigning tasks as needed. 

These services can all be adapted to fixed facilities, drive-thru sites, and fully mobile delivery. The experience that Team Rubicon has gained from conducting 247 food support operations and 25 testing site support operations throughout 2020 will be directly applied to this new mission.

New COVID-19 Response Operations

Tucson, AZ

Greyshirts have been deployed to the Tuscon Medical Center to support the Pima County Health Department’s Phase 1A vaccination rollout at two drive-thru points of distribution. They will serve as general responders helping each location to administer an anticipated 400 vaccines a day.

Maricopa County, AZ

Team Rubicon is assisting the Maricopa County Department of Public Health in support of their COVID-19 vaccination efforts. Greyshirts are serving in their Unified Command Center and at the point of distribution to help coordinate volunteers and serve as volunteer liaison with their medical reserve corps. 

Chicago, IL

Greyshirts are serving as general responders, helping to support healthcare workers at two COVID-19 vaccination clinics operated by Malcom X College.

Ongoing COVID-19 Response Operations

Gallup, New Mexico

The Indian Health Service requested Team Rubicon’s assistance to provide relief to healthcare workers after an increase in COVID-19 related hospitalizations at the Gallup Indian Medical Center. 

Greyshirt Terri Whitson, a nurse and Navy veteran, administered the first rounds of COVID-19 vaccinations to the Gallup Indian Medical Center’s medical staff on December 15. Since then, more than 265 people have received vaccinations.

As of January 7, Greyshirts have seen 2,044 patients and administered 1,539 COVID-19 tests. 

Carson City, NV

The Quad County Public Health Department and Carson City Fire Department requested Team Rubicon’s assistance for mobile testing clinic support services in the area.

On December 8, 10 Greyshirts began conducting initial patient screenings and performing essential logistical support tasks. Their responsibilities include site set-up and break-down, directing traffic, and the loading and unloading of testing equipment.

As of January 7, the mobile testing site that Team Rubicon is supporting has provided COVID-19 testing for 893 people.

Upcoming COVID-19 Response Operations

Charlotte, NC

Team Rubicon is coordinating with Atrium Health to plan a COVID-19 vaccine distribution pilot program. Team Rubicon has previously partnered with Atrium Health to operate a COVID-19 testing site that administered 8,500 tests. 

Teton County, WY

From December 22–31 Team Rubicon supported the Teton County Department of Health in their rollout of a COVID-19 vaccination site in Jackson, Wyoming. In the upcoming week more Greyshirts will be deployed to perform administrative duties, patient check-in, and traffic control at their point of distribution.

Upcoming Disaster Relief Operations

Silverado, CA

In December, a structure fire broke out in Silverado Canyon and expanded into an uncontrolled wildfire that burnt 6,686 acres before being contained. The blaze destroyed 31 buildings and left 21 more badly damaged.

Much of the burned area is on steep, unstable terrain, creating conditions that could result in floods and mudslides during the next heavy rain. 

Planning is underway for debris removal and flood mitigation operations.