Forward Watch

Forward Watch, February 19

Greyshirts have helped administer more than 163,000 COVID-19 vaccinations at over 40 points of distribution across the country.

Disaster Relief Operations 

Cove Creek, NC 

Residents of coastal North Carolina have endured several consecutive years of destructive hurricanes. 

Team Rubicon responded to Hurricane Florence in 2018 and completed 245 work orders for clients living in Craven County; however, a large portion of the population has been left without assistance and still lives in damaged homes. Many residents and their homes were further affected by Hurricane Dorian in 2019 and Tropical Storm Isaias in 2020. 

How Team Rubicon is Responding

Craven County Disaster Recovery has asked Team Rubicon to help a family in need restore the house that they have lived in for multiple generations. 

Greyshirts are stepping up to perform a “muck out” that will remove all the water damaged furniture, windows, carpets, paneling, walls, and ceilings from their house. This will hopefully set the family down the path towards once again living in a safe, comfortable home.   

A Greyshirt mucks out a home in Craven County after Hurricane Florence.

International Operations


Team Rubicon has begun an international operation in Mexico to assist NetHope, an organization that seeks to solve development, humanitarian, and conservations challenges using technology.

In the cities of Mexicali, Tijuana, and Juarez, Team Rubicon will install more than 30 internet access sites that will provide migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers with access to critical information and increase their safety as they make their journey.  


Navajo Nation Medical Support 

Gallup, NM

Since November 25, Team Rubicon has been providing Greyshirt RN’s, paramedics, and EMT’s to relieve healthcare workers at the Gallup Indian Medical Center as they face a high rate of COVID-19 hospitalizations.

On December 15, Greyshirt Terri Whitson, a nurse and Navy veteran, administered the first rounds of COVID-19 vaccinations to the Gallup Indian Medical Center’s medical staff.

Now, Team Rubicon is expanding their operations within the Navajo Nation and providing logistics support to their vaccination efforts. An additional 24 personnel per day will be deployed, as well as additional equipment. 

Vaccine Distribution Support

Team Rubicon, along with our partners, are supporting first responders and the medical community by assisting in COVID-19 vaccination delivery and distribution. Our goal is to provide vaccine distribution support so that healthcare providers can focus on administering vaccines and providing primary care.

As of February 16, Team Rubicon has helped administer more than 163,000 COVID-19 vaccinations at over 40 points of distribution.

New Vaccination Support Operations

Pensacola, FL 

Team Rubicon will assist the Escambia County United Way with scene management, logistics and wraparound support on Wednesdays and Thursdays beginning at the Brownsville Community Center Middle School vaccination site.

Yulee, FL

Team Rubicon has begun supporting the Nassau County Public Health Department with administrative duties at their vaccine distribution site. Duties include check in, registration, and other non-medical needs.

Vaccinations: 600+ 

Loveland, CO

Team Rubicon is supporting Larimer and Weld Counties, UCHealth, and Banner Health with multiple vaccination operations. Greyshirts will provide wraparound services at the Ranch Event Complex every Wednesday. Additionally, they will support three mass vaccination events the weekends of February 20, March 20, and April 17.

Wichita, KS

Team Rubicon is providing traffic control and logistical support at the Sedgwick County Health Department’s vaccination site in Wichita.

Vaccinations: 300+ 

Southbridge, MA

Team Rubicon has begun supporting the Harrington Hospital vaccination site in Southbridge. The site runs weekdays with 500 vaccinations estimated per day. Greyshirts are providing parking control, patient intake and discharge, and other logistical needs.

Vaccinations: 2,100+ 

Hanover, MD

Team Rubicon, at the request of Anne Arundel County Office of Emergency Management, will provide support at the Maryland Live! Casino vaccination site.

Missoula, MT

Greyshirts will assist the Missoula City-County Health Department’s mass vaccination site at the Adams Center Complex on Sundays. Officials expect 1,000-2,000 vaccinations per day. Greyshirts will provide wraparound services such as patient check in, traffic management, and assisting the elderly through the site.

Las Vegas, NV

The City of Las Vegas is setting up points of distribution across the city on weekdays at the Chuck Minker Sports Complex. Greyshirts are providing logistical support. 

Vaccinations: 1300+ 

Completed Vaccination Support Operations

Tuscon, AZ 

Team Rubicon began supporting the Pima County Health Department’s two drive-thru vaccination centers at the Tucson Medical Center on December 17 and concluded operations on February 15.

Greyshirts helped administer a total of 26,000+ vaccinations at the site.

Ongoing Vaccination Support Operations

Phoenix, AZ

Vaccinations: 41,554+ 

Fontana, CA


Rialto, CA


Stockton, CA 

Vaccinations: 1200+

Denver, CO 

Vaccinations: 5,100+ 

A Greyshirt assists a senior at the Denver vaccination site.

Deland, FL 

Vaccinations: 11,000+ 

Chicago, IL 

Vaccinations: 21,000+ 

Charlotte, NC 

Vaccinations: 17,000+ 

Fayetteville, NC 

Vaccinations: 8,000+ 

Jacksonville, NC 

Vaccinations: 4,900+ 

Dayton, OH 

Vaccinations: 3,500+ 

Redmond, OR


Henderson, NV 

Vaccinations: 2,700+ 

Carson City, NV

Vaccinations: 7,500+ 

Hurst, TX 

Vaccinations: 7,600+ 

Midland, TX

Vaccinations: 13,000+ 

Due to the extreme winter weather conditions in Texas, Team Rubicon converted this point of distribution into a warming shelter for residents stuck in the cold without power.

As of February 18, the warming shelter is no longer needed and the vaccine site has returned to operation.

Kennewick, WA 

Vaccinations: 7,357+ 

Appleton, WI

Vaccinations: 2,500+ 

Jefferson, WI 

Vaccinations: 3,171+ 

Jackson, WY

Vaccinations: 300+