Forward Watch

Forward Watch, December 1

Team Rubicon is deploying to Honduras to provide clean water for communities affected by Hurricanes Eta and Iota.

Core Operations Overview

As of December 1, Team Rubicon has assisted over 3,375 individuals on 43 core operations responses in 2020.

Hurricanes Eta and Iota 

La Cieba, Honduras

Like the U.S., Central America has experienced a historic hurricane season in 2020.

On November 3, Category 4 Hurricane Eta brought floods and landslides to Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala that resulted in 130 fatalities and widespread evacuations.

Less than two weeks later, Category 4 Hurricane Iota struck the same area with high winds and additional flooding that worsened the existing humanitarian crisis.   

Situation Report

The number of people reportedly affected by Eta and Iota in Honduras is over 2.5 million and approximately 43,000 evacuees were last reported in shelters.

According to the Pan-American Health Organization, roughly 68 communities are currently inaccessible by road. People there are cut off from medical care facilities and, in some cases, there is a lack of clean drinking water.   

The government of Honduras has made a formal request for assistance from international emergency medical teams as the country’s existing healthcare infrastructure has been overwhelmed.

There is a general need for water, sanitation supplies, and hygiene essentials.

Greyshirts leading a WASH program in Hounduras.

How Team Rubicon is Responding

Team Rubicon is sending a task force of medically trained Greyshirts to work with officials and local agencies in Honduras to conduct a Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) program.

The task force will provide clean water for recovering communities and will implement a “train the trainers” model with local partners to amplify impact.

This response began on November 24 and is expected to last for 25 days.

Completed Operations

Hurricanes Laura and Delta Response

After 12 weeks of hard work in Lake Charles, Louisiana and the surrounding area, Team Rubicon has completed its response to Hurricane Laura and Hurricane Delta.

At last count, 800 Greyshirts deployed on this operation, providing route clearance, expedient home repair, and debris management for residents who were affected by the storms. They completed 326 work orders and helped 935 people.

Team Rubicon significantly upgraded its on-site training capabilities to meet the needs of this operation. Instructors at the Disaster Training Camp located at the Lake Charles FOB skilled up 613 Greyshirts including 169 new sawyers and 121 roof tarpers.

This is not the end of Team Rubicon’s relationship with the communities served on this operation. Soon Team Rubicon will begin the Gulf Coast rebuild program to assist with long-term recovery in the region.

Hurricane Sally Response

Team Rubicon has concluded its response to Hurricane Sally that began on September 17. Over the course of this operation 270 Greyshirts deployed to Robertsdale, Alabama and Pensacola, Florida to help storm survivors there.

Greyshirts completed 269 work orders that included roof tarping, expedient home repair, muck-outs, and debris management. Their service assisted over 560 individuals in the community.