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Discover how you, your coworkers, and your entire company can impact the lives of people impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, hurricanes, and other disasters. 

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In Team Rubicon, empowerment starts with the individual 

Team Rubicon is actively shifting the narrative around corporate volunteerism by putting it in the hands of the individual instead of the company team. From direct service to communities struck by tornadoes or support at COVID-19 vaccination sites, each of your employees can play a crucial role in serving our most vulnerable communities.  

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How Dow’s innovative disaster relief leave program and a commitment to veterans helped propel one man to Greytness.


At a Crossroads in Life, Choosing the Path Toward Disaster Zones

A Texan reflects on finding purpose in service to disaster survivors—and a place in the TRibe.

How Team Rubicon does corporate volunteerism

Bringing partners and employees into the mission 

We invite employees with a partner company to boost Team Rubicon’s readiness before, during, and after disaster strikes. Because most of our services involve helping communities impacted by a severe weather event or crisis, scheduling time to volunteer isn’t as impactful as being ready when people need us.  

Empowering employees to become Team Rubicon members  

Partner employees are asked to take ownership in the mission by signing up as a Team Rubicon volunteer—a “Greyshirt”—and becoming a full-fledged member. This simple step opens volunteer opportunities as a team and individually for events happening in their area. To do this, Team Rubicon has built innovative technology solutions that can pinpoint and notify volunteer members in the vicinity of an event. 

Preparing volunteers through readiness training  

Team Rubicon provides new members with short online training courses—it’s a way to start everyone on the same page. Through standardized online trainings, we’re taking the lift off company representatives by safely preparing their employees to join us as volunteers.    

Serving communities as partners and teammates  

Employees of our partner organizations who join and serve on Team Rubicon’s mission are able to have a truly authentic experience helping people when disaster strikes. At the end of the day, their time commitment will be more meaningful as an official team member and reflect positively on their company as a partner with Team Rubicon. 

Hear why other partners are volunteering with us  

"You know who you are and you know what you’ve done; you’ve done what most can’t or simply won’t do. Continue to be a leader with your families, communities and peers. Team Rubicon has a place for people like you."


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