Forward Watch, August 14

Severe weather disasters have called Greyshirts into action all across the country.

Team Rubicon has 57 COVID-19 response operations underway with seven more in the planning stages. Already, 226 operations have been completed. Currently, five disaster relief operations are underway with five more in RECON.  

InternationalRoughly 20.9 million cases of COVID-19 and 760,000 related deaths have been reported worldwide. Russia has said that it will roll out the world’s first COVID-19 vaccine by the end of the month. However, a survey of over 3,000 Russian doctors and health specialists found that 52% did not feel comfortable taking the new vaccine because of rushed clinical trials. In Spain, nightlife establishments have been ordered to close and drinking on the street has been banned in an effort to stem a resurgence of infections. 

United States: Nearly 5.35 million cases of COVID-19 and 169,000 related deaths have been reported in the U.S. The CDC has updated its guidance recently to suggest that people who have recovered from the virus may have immunity for at least the next three months. New York’s Governor has announced he will allow museums, aquariums, and other cultural centers in New York City to reopen in coming weeks.    

How Team Rubicon is Responding to COVID-19   

Team Rubicon is answering requests for assistance from local, state, and federal partners to support emergency humanitarian relief efforts in communities across the country. Our response focuses on ensuring access to nutrition, medical care, and essential government services for people who have been impacted by the pandemic. We’re putting safety first and following precautionary guidelines on every operation to protect the health of our volunteers and the communities they serve.  

In addition to our organized operations, Greyshirts have performed 6,782 individual acts of service on a local level as part of our Neighbors Helping Neighbors initiative. They have also made 1,263 critical food deliveries to immunocompromised individuals and their families through the Emergency Food Assistance Program. 

Our New Coronavirus Response Operations 

Through Team Rubicon’s partnership with Feeding America and close work with other local food banks, Greyshirts are providing manpower and organizational support to help meet an increased need for meal distribution programs in these communities: 

Oceanside, CA 

Denver, CO 

Fort Collins, CO 

Loveland, CO 

Elmsford, NY 

Houston, TX 

Charleston, SC 

Our New Disaster Relief Operations 

Dover, DE 

Delaware sustained serious damage from Tropical Storm Isaias with three confirmed tornados reported near the capital city of Dover. A Team of Greyshirts is deploying to provide site surveys, saw work, and debris management for residents affected by the storm. 

Northlake, IL 

On August 10 a derecho swept across the Midwest, with gusts reaching up to 112 mph. The wind took out cell towers and electrical grids and left roadways littered with downed trees and power lines. Team Rubicon is helping local authorities to map the extent of the disaster and assess the damage it caused. Once the assessment is complete, Greyshirts will get to work clearing the extensive debris. 

Windsor, NC 

When Hurricane Isaias came ashore in North Carolina it downed numerous trees throughout the coastal region. A team of Greyshirts has been deployed to help residents recover by tarping damaged roofs and removing dangerous debris from homeowner property. 

Welasco, TX 

Hurricane Hanna dropped over 16 inches of rain when it made landfall on the coast of Texas, causing flash floods in the region. Greyshirts are conducting muck outs, gut outs, and debris removal for residents so that they can begin the long process of recovering from this disaster. 

Current and Planned Operations 

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