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Confessions of a Donation-Hungry Greyshirt and the Impact of Members Who Fundraise


Abbey Woodcock (pictured left) has personally raised over $2,000 to support Team Rubicon’s Hurricane Matthew response. Not only is she contributing her time and effort into fundraising, she’s a part-time Greyshirt who donates a healthy amount of sweat into helping communities bounce back after disasters. She’s experienced the magic of the mission and shares that feedback with her friends, family, and followers to encourage them to support the cause.

When did Abbey first bleed grey?

Abbey had a friend in the Rockaways affected by Sandy, so she loaded a truck up with muck out equipment and ended up meeting TR volunteers on Operation Greased Lightning. Been hooked to TR ever since.

How many disasters has she personally throat-punched? 

She’s deployed about ten times. Abbey also serves as a chainsaw instructor and deputy communications manager for Region II.

Thanks to Abbey's fundraising efforts, Greyshirts are making an impact on the ground in the Southeast coast of the country.
Thanks to Abbey’s fundraising efforts, among many other supporters, Greyshirts are making an impact on the ground in the Southeast coast of the country.

What prompted her to set up a fundraising page for Hurricane Matthew?

Abbey creates a couple fundraising pages each year for Team Rubicon. Hurricane Matthew was a BFD, so she wanted to have an impact even if she couldn’t deploy. When she does get to the field, she makes every attempt to fundraise and cover the cost of her travel to the organization. Pretty awesome, right?

What’s the strategy to making it rain? 

Sharing her fundraising pleas through Facebook and other social channels are the most efficient, but a personal ask via email/text/call is the most effective. While Team Rubicon isn’t yet a household name, she learns folks get pretty energized when they get the elevator speech. Fundraising can be intimidating, but you know that Jordan quote about missing 100% of the shots you never take? You’ll never raise the cash if you don’t ask.

Team Rubicon is reliant on the generosity of donors to fund the mission. Those dollars are heaved into communities impacted by disasters and those who serve them.
Team Rubicon is reliant on the generosity of donors. Learn more about the impact of your dollar.

Another tip Abbey provides is updating her donors on the progress of the operation, i.e. “So far, 100 Greyshirts have deployed to help those affected by Hurricane Matthew. Your donation not only helps those residents, you’re also helping veterans find a renewed sense of purpose, community, and identify after leaving the military. Go you!”

Want more fundraising fuel? Check out Abbey’s post “How I Convinced Strangers and Their Moms to Give Me Money for Nothing in Return.

If you’re inspired to follow Abbey’s lead and help Team Rubicon help more communities affected by disasters, start here