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Breaking Down Regional Leadership

There’s a reliable network of kick-ass volunteer leaders across the country dedicated to growing Team Rubicon. They take PTO to serve their communities and respond to texts at zero dark thirty because they’re invested and damn good at responding to disasters. Ever wonder what they actually do? Here’s a breakdown:

Regional Administrator 

The RA runs the Regional show! He or she ensures the ship is heading in the right direction—managing the regional team to achieve their goals and providing members ample opportunities to stay involved in TR even when there’s not a disaster going down. The RA is currently a full-time staff position, assisting volunteer leaders with crushing disaster relief, training, and engagement.

Field Operations Manager

When hurricanes, tornadoes, and all their ugly destructive cousins pay a visit to Anytown, USA, the field operations manager works side-by-side with the planning manager to develop local relationships, organize reconnaissance activities, and determine the best way for TR to lend a hand. When it comes time to respond, they develop the field leadership team and guide the tactics to be used.

Membership Manager

This tech-savvy son of a gun mobilizes volunteers during operations, enhances the member experiences, and has been dubbed the “steward of volunteer registry.” These men and women typically take their coffee with spreadsheets and enjoy chomping at checklists as we strive to ensure every member of the TRibe is deployment ready.


Communications Manager 

Affectionately known as PSYOPS, this creative cat makes us look and sound polished. They write, copy edit, pull together newsletters, copy edit, manage the region’s social media channels, and copy edit some more. They also whip up news releases and help us handle relationships with local media. If members have a story to tell or an event to promote, head to the Communications Manager to help craft the message and spread the good word.

Finance Manager 

Mo money, mo problems? Not when you’ve got an accounting ace in the region. This individual deals debits and credits to their counterparts in the region to ensure we spend donated dollars wisely and stick to procedure while serving those affected by Mother Nature’s tantrums. Ballin’ on a budget, courtesy of the regional Finance Manager.

Planning Manager

We could not safely and effectively kick disaster ass without the planning team. Connecting information, people, and resources to solve problems and make disaster responses come to life. Between operations they manage relationships with partner organizations and keep a weather eye out for the next disaster. In short, planners make sure the right people, get to the right place, to do the most good.

Logistics Manager

“Forget logistics, you lose.” – Lt. Gen. Frederick Franks. When we’re elbow-deep in muck and debris, we need more than just manpower to get the job done. The Logistics Manager helps us win by keeping tabs on tools, gear, equipment, kits, goods, stuff, and more stuff so our operations, training events, and extreme home makeovers run smoothly.



Wellness Manager

TR teams up with Give An Hour to provide free mental health services to military veterans and their loved ones. Each region is designated a Wellness Manager to serve as a resource to support members in times of need. They’re also getting dirty in the field and serving alongside those who may need to pick up a phone and call some day.

Want to serve as a leader with TR? In addition to regional leaders, there are hundreds more state coordinators, deputies, project managers, and administrators who keep this relief machine running. Connect with your regional leaders to learn what opportunities exist.