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Battle-Tested Bonds Endure

While there are many factors that make Team Rubicon the tip of the spear in disaster relief, it quite simply comes down to our people.

On May 27, 2017, five members from Region V gathered at the Veteran’s Memorial Cemetery in Union Grove, WI. The mission at hand was to place flags on our veterans’ graves for Memorial Day. The day began with the usual meet and greet — catching up with old friends, busting some chops while making new friends. For three of us, we would find we had more in common than expected.

That is when Doc T, David (with his pup Angel who seems to be camera shy or in witness protection), and I discovered we had served in the same unit right down to 81’s PLT in 2nd Battalion 3rd Marines, Weapons Company. Doc T, my Corpsman, and I served together in the early nineties while David as recent as 2012 after eight years and deploying to OEF/OIF.

From left to right, David Smith with his dog Angel, Paul Farrey, and Steve Therrien.

The bond, camaraderie, and Esprit De Corps we have for one another as Marines and Corpsmen is the essence that is echoed in the actions by our veterans, first responders, and kick-ass civilians who make and keep Team Rubicon strong! For me, TR has been a great experience, even therapeutic. It is truly an honor to be surrounded by and continue to serve with a community of people who are making a positive difference in this world.

In memory of all who have served and made the ultimate sacrifice. Semper Fidelis.

Paul is a Marine veteran and volunteer with Team Rubicon residing in Wisconsin. He describes TR as "therapeutic" and encourages open discussion around the topic of mental health and post traumatic stress disorder.