Introducing the New Clay Hunt Fellows Program Logo

In 2011, Team Rubicon decided to honor how early-Greyshirt and Marine Corps veteran Clay Hunt committed his life to serving others by creating the Clay Hunt Fellows Program. Since then, the Program has evolved and grown in countless ways, including to more than 150 Fellows graduated. After a decade of service, and as the Program … Read More


Water Event Safety Tips

Have an Emergency Plan: When disaster strikes, it’s important to already have an emergency plan in place. Communicate with your family and neighbors ahead of time on resources, medicine, and anything else you might need in the worst-case scenario. Follow Instructions of Local Authorities: If requested by local authorities, evacuate early. Follow existing CDC guidelines on proper … Read More


Team Rubicon UK announces rebrand to RE:ACT

CHILMARK, UK (12 JUNE 2020) – Team Rubicon UK (TRUK) has reached a formal agreement with Team Rubicon, Inc. to end their licence agreement and rebrand as RE:ACT Disaster Response. On announcing the settlement, General Sir Nick Parker, Chairman RE:ACT, said: “I am delighted that Team Rubicon supports us as our charity evolves. We are rebranding to become RE:ACT, and our operation to support the British … Read More