We’re Launching Operation: Starting Gun

TR Nation,

This afternoon finds us devastated as we watch the events outside of Oklahoma City unfold. The tornadoes that ripped through the city of Moore earlier today have left a community devastated, searching desperately for loved ones and hope.

Team Rubicon can’t pretend to replace what has been lost, but as you read this we are in the midst of activating every resource at our disposal to help these people in their time of need. Moore, Oklahoma is a disaster zone of unimaginable chaos; but, luckily, chaos is what we do well.

By tomorrow we will have initial assessment teams on the ground. Within days we will have mobilized a full response to help the people affected by this devastating disaster. We need your help. Please consider supporting us in our response, and keep the people of Moore, OK in your thoughts and prayers.

If you’re a volunteer within 250 miles of Moore, please register your availability in OrgAction ASAP.


5 Responses to “We’re Launching Operation: Starting Gun”

  1. I am on leave starting Saturday May 25 for a period of 7 days. I joined this morning, but can complete al necessary paperwork immediately. Please contact me if I can help!


  2. Jim Kirkendall says:

    I call Oklahoma home, my family lives there so I will help. I know I am outside of the 250 mile radius but I can cover the 250+ miles I have to travel. Just let me know when and where. I am retired, so my time is your time, use me!

  3. Brent Heilman says:

    I registered this morning and I am available Saturday through Monday. I am 60 miles away and ready to go, just say the word.

  4. Katherine Roberts says:

    I won’t be available for disaster relief work until 2014, I can help with fundraising and donations here in Region 1.

  5. Katherine Roberts says:

    NJ & NYC are still going through the rebuilding efforts from Hurricane Sandy. Tornado’s are an ongoing threat to people living on the plains. Team Rubicon is hitting the ground running with aid to them. Lets keep this great organization going!

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