Team Rubicon jumps into the thick of it in Regions I, II, and III.

Sandy did her worst to thrash the East coast, leaving in her wake the worst of calamities: from devastating floods, to thrashing winds, driving rain and snow, widespread power outages, she even left some homes to be consumed by resulting fires. Eleven teams are activated; with over 100 veterans in the field, this TR’s largest response to date. Here’s what’s gone down in the past 24 hours.

Heaviest hit REGION II deployed six strike teams throughout New York working in conjunction with the NYC Office of Emergency Management. Matt Pelak, Region 2 Director of Field Operations, mobilized the teams to assist in expedient sheltering operations, doing everything from the delivery of critical resources to area shelters to assisting special needs individuals.

Operation Greased Lightning – Team DC didn’t deal with the worst part of the storm, but we did put the chainsaw to good use today. Good times with good folks. Team Rubicon – Region 3 — with Dan Pick, Lourdes Tiglao, Kiara Nicole, Mohamed Mustafa.












JC McGreehan, Director of Field Operations in REGION III, is leading teams broken into seven operational divisions. Teams are headlong into debris clearance operations, post-disaster damage assessments, and staffing emergency operation centers.REGION I activated a solo team out of South Connecticut. The focus in the region is all about clean up and accessibility. Personnel are engaged in heavy debris and chainsaw operations, working around homes and transportation routes. Two additional teams are on standby awaiting requests for assistance from affected communities in the region.

One team from REGION I and two teams from REGION III are headed to begin operations in New Jersey tomorrow.

As the storm system weakens, and Sandy’s effects are now being felt well into the Midwest, Team Rubicon shifts our focus from the immediacy of response into long-term recovery efforts. All regions remain on standby as needs in the affected regions continue to be assessed.

If you fell victim to Nasty Sandy and need TR assistance, click here for a work request!

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