TR activates three VERTs in response to KS, MO, and IL tornadoes

In response to the tornado outbreaks across the Midwest, TR is deploying three Veteran Emergency Response Teams (VERTs) to Harveyville KS, Branson MO, and Harrisburg, IL. Currently, three two person recon teams are en route or on the ground providing needs assessments to TR headquarters (TRHQ).

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Due to the sporadic and acute nature of this storm system, the teams will be deployed across two TR regions. Volunteers are being pulled from Region 7, consisting of Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri, and Region 5, consisting of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

4 Responses to “TR activates three VERTs in response to KS, MO, and IL tornadoes”

  1. Paul says:

    This is so motivating, so uplifting! We see so much negatives about what’s wrong with America and so forth, it’s so refreshing to witness what America is all about. Regardless of political affiliation, race, income level, etc., Americans are just that, Americans! We love our country because we are our country!

  2. James says:

    How do we get involved? I want to volunteer in the cleanup efforts but not sure where to turn to sign up

  3. Klebe Brumble says:

    James, Go to the Team Rubicon website and look for the link “Volunteer”. Follow the simple directions and you’ll be signed up. I’ve read volunteer applications are pouring in so be patient. Busy time for TR.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Would love to ve a volunteer. ex-vavy supply field, pro photographer and 7 years disaster experience with the american red cross.

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