Team Rubicon pitches in with Habitat for Humanity in honor of Veterans Day

Vet-er-ans Day
  1.  a public holiday held on the anniversary of the end of World War I (November 11) to honor U.S. veterans and victims of all wars.  2.  another chance for Team Rubicon volunteers to give back.

We’re working on amending the published Webster definition, so give us some time.  But we did get our “work” on and set out across the East Coast, the Midwest and the Left Coast to partner in service with Habitat for Humanity this Veterans Day.  California volunteers from up and down the Golden State descended into North LA County to the home of Army Veteran Joshua and his wife Wendy.  The local Habitat for Humanity chapter kicked off their impressive Homes for Heroes program focusing on veteran housing in their region.  TR volunteers pitched in with Habitat volunteers to lay floor tile, patch the roof, caulk and paint the exterior, and completely re-landscape the front and back yards.  Below, TR volunteers break for a picture with homeowners Joshua & Wendy and local Habitat for Humanity Community Outreach Director, Joyce.

East Coast volunteers partnered with Habitat for Humanity in New York City, Worcester, MA, and Montgomery County, MD to lend a hand.  Below are some shots from the NYC build:

And the DC Team pauses for some fresh autumn air and a picture in Montgomery County:

And we know that you’re thinking, “Is it too late to take the 11-11-11 Challenge?”  Heck-to-the-no!  We’ve got a ways to go, and we need you.  Simple as that.  Please answer the call and take the challenge.  Oh, and look good doing it in your new Team Rubicon t-shirt.  But wait, there’s more!  If 111 people answer the call before the holidays you’ll receive a stylish and warm TR hoodie.

2 Responses to “Team Rubicon pitches in with Habitat for Humanity in honor of Veterans Day”

  1. charlotte says:

    why not do a 6 month anniversary TR Homes for Heroes and do something down south? I’m in the other LA and can travel to the east or left coast for 11-11-12 but would love to get something going here a little sooner. Maybe you could consider a May date?

  2. Klebe Brumble says:

    We are trying to organize just such an effort Charlotte. Give me a holler.

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