Team Rubicon in Process of Transitioning Hurricane Sandy Operations to Long-Term Recovery Organizations

Team Rubicon (TR) has been graced with overwhelming support from the communities we have served in response to the havoc Hurricane Sandy wrought upon the Eastern Seaboard.  We’ve made friends, developed partnerships, and grown as an organization because our services have been welcomed by citizens, local & federal agencies, and other relief organizations.  

TR is comprised of over 6,000 military veterans and first responders who work on a volunteer basis. We operate by bridging the critical time gap between large natural disaster and conventional aid by deploying small, fleet-footed emergency response teams. That said, TR does not specialize in long-term recovery.  After over three weeks of service, TR is now in the process of transitioning operations to two partners who specialize in long-term recovery. Both Americorps and NY Cares are assuming control of TR operations and will be in full control by December 3rd, when we end our Hurricane Sandy mission. This transition is being conducted in coordination with the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and involves TR training AmeriCorps and NY Cares volunteers to sustain the excellent services entrusted in us by many.

Operation: Greased Lightening has been TR’s largest mission to date. Since October 29th, TR deployed Veteran Emergency Response Teams (VERTs) from Boston to Washington D.C., including a sizable mission led by our New Jersey team in Union Beach and Ocean County. TR eventually consolidated our response in the Rockaways. As with many other disaster responses and in keeping with our model, TR was among the first national non-profits to deploy into the affected areas. With only seven full time staff, we are proud that our partnerships and structure allowed us to process and manage over 10,000 spontaneous volunteers.  

We’d specifically like to thank those Hurricane Sandy partners, for without them we could not have conducted such a successful response. In no particular order, they include: JetBlueBrooklyn BouldersThe Clinton Global InitiativeThe Home DepotGoldman SachsPalantir TechnologiesISTAT AirlinkMeal Kit Supply, MassifUrban AmericanBullardUS Safety, Verizon Wireless, GoalZero, East View Geospatial and many more. Because of these partnerships, to date, TR has completed over 700 work orders in the Rockaways in addition to search and rescue operations, route clearance, shelter and emergency operation center staffing.

6 Responses to “Team Rubicon in Process of Transitioning Hurricane Sandy Operations to Long-Term Recovery Organizations”

  1. Liz Caldas says:

    I was thrilled to learn about you guys, even more thrilled to have donated to your organization, and ecstatic to have worked along-side you all last weekend in the Rockaway. Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for my fellow New Yorkers. I will continue to support you, and encourage others to follow suit.

    Liz Caldas

  2. It has being an amazing experience working with you Guys. Thank you so much for alllowing me the honnour from Mike @Eshlah/Twitter

  3. Jerry Jacob says:

    How can reach someone at team Rubicon regarding assistance with home in Rockaways.. Is there a telephone number…Thanks Jerry.

  4. William says:

    Jerry, Our forward operating base is set up at 124th and Rockaway Beach Blvd. There you can submit a work order. We do not have a phone number set up there.

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