Team Rubicon – Chase American Giving Awards Toolkit

Team Rubicon is one of 25 charities up for $2M as a part of the Chase American Giving Awards! With your help, we know we can bring home the big bucks. Below are the tools you’ll need to help us spread the word.



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Veteran issues and disaster relief are being met by one incredible organization! Team Rubicon got my vote.

From the quake in Haiti to the recent destruction of Hurricane Sandy, the veteran volunteers of Team Rubicon have led 37 disaster relief missions in 2.5 years. Please vote for them to win $1M

StayClassy Small Charity of the Year, Team Rubicon, is up to win $1M. Vote for the organization that pairs veteran volunteers with disaster response!



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Your vote can equal one million bucks for @TeamRubicon – help disaster relief and veterans now:

Wanted: your vote for #veterans and #humanitarian relief. Help @TeamRubicon win $1M from Chase

Help #veterans of @TeamRubicon & disaster relief victims in one click: Please RT


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Help Team Rubicon win up to $1M in the Chase American Giving Awards today!

3 Responses to “Team Rubicon – Chase American Giving Awards Toolkit”

  1. Kristi says:

    Voted (twice!)- good luck! I had the opportunity to dig/gut/shovel/clean/support with TR in the Rockaways this month. Kudos to TR for their hard work and dedication – your help is immeasurable and setting a great example for other NGO’s and orgs to model. Good luck in the Chase Awards!

    P.S. I heard that 35% of TR is civilian (non-veteran) volunteers? Has this changed? The recent marketing material coming from TR have indicated you are solely vetaran-based (such as the language used in the Chase promo and posting above). Either way, kudos to ALL of TR for their rockin work!

  2. Lewis says:

    I have tried to vote more than a dozen times, and the site won’t allow me to do so. I tried through facebook, youtube, the URL and the Chase Giving Site. Every time I click vote, I am taken to a blank facebook page. If that blank page is confirmation that I have voted, than you have received quite a few votes on my behalf.

  3. Janice says:

    Love Rubicon. Hate Chase. Sorry I could not support this effort.

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