Press Release: Team Rubicon Mobilizes Hundreds of Veterans for Superstorm Sandy Relief

Team Rubicon Mobilizes Hundreds of Veterans for Superstorm Sandy Relief

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NEW YORK, November 5, 2012 – With Veteran’s Day just days away, Team Rubicon (TR), a veteran service organization that repurposes the ready-made organizational and operational skills of military veterans for disaster relief, is mobilizing hundreds (with a goal of 1,000), veteran volunteers to lead Superstorm Sandy relief efforts in hard hit New York and New Jersey. Embarking on its boldest, most ambitious mission yet, Team Rubicon has activated all 10 of its regions; putting the call out for any and all interested volunteers to step up to help TR meet this challenge. Veteran volunteers will be broken up into small, fleet-footed teams based on skill and identified post-disaster relief need.

Team Rubicon teams are currently working street by street, home by home, leading the charge for post- disaster damage assessments, debris management, and emergency coordination support to local government. Local municipalities have assigned Team Rubicon to the most devastated areas, given its experience in natural disaster relief in the U.S. and abroad. TR provided relief after tornadoes in Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Joplin, and after Hurricane Irene, among others. It has also responded to several international natural disasters such as the 2010 Haiti earthquake and the Pakistan floods during the same year.

By repurposing the skills (teamwork, decisive leadership, risk mitigation and management, logistics, emergency medicine) of returning military veterans, the Team Rubicon model is one that addresses two challenges – inadequate disaster response and poor veteran reintegration – by using each to solve the other. Veterans are an untapped resource, and have the skills and experiences necessary to be effective in disaster response.

Team Rubicon co-founders Jake Wood and William McNulty, both veterans themselves, know too well the desire to continue to serve once separating from the military. “Ninety-two percent of veterans returning from war say continued service is important to them. We have a desire to help here at home, to serve our communities. This particular mission allows us to give hundreds of veterans that opportunity, while helping those most affected by Hurricane Sandy,” said Jake Wood, Team Rubicon president and co-founder.

Editor’s Note:
Team Rubicon co-founders Jake Wood and William McNulty will be on-site in New York and New Jersey and available for interview. Veteran volunteers will also be available for interview. Please contact Kristin Robinson (913) 568-8043,, or Mike Lee, (847) 899-2236, to schedule.

About Team Rubicon

Team Rubicon (TR) unites the skills and experience of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams into crisis situations. TR offers veterans a chance to continue their service by helping and empowering those afflicted by disasters, and also themselves. For more about Team Rubicon, visit




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