• Operation Tenzing

    • In Response to: Nepal Earthquake
    • Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
    • Active: Apr 25, 2015 - May 22, 2015


On April 25, a 7.8 earthquake hit Kathmandu and surrounding areas. Team Rubicon is deploying a medical and assessment team to aid the Nepalese people.

Operation Overview

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Latest Field Reports

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May 20, 2015 Today, volunteers of Operation: Tenzing demobilized from the Sermathang Village of Nepal. The villagers were very appreciative of our work and a bit saddened by our departure. I was honored to present the village leader with a T-shirt signed by volunteers from TR USA and TR UK. As he walked with me through the village, showing me the… Read More »

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May 7, 2015 After joining Team Rubicon four years ago, Brain Brown weighs in on what keeps him on standby. Read More »

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News / Press

Team Rubicon earthquake relief effort has international flair

Stars and Stripes By Seth Robson   KATHMANDU, Nepal — U.S. and British veterans are teaming up with ex-Gurkhas to bring aid to Nepal earthquake victims. Team Rubicon — a group of U.S. veterans who use their military training to help people after disasters — has sent several teams to Nepal in recent days. About… Read More »

Two Farmington residents help Nepal recover from earthquake

Nick Mrzlak and Vince Moffitt were part of first emergency response team with Team Rubicon Daily Times FARMINGTON — Two local men trained as first responders are helping with the recovery effort in Nepal. The country, located between China and India, was hit by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake on April 25. Recent reports of the… Read More »

How Drones Can Help Nepal Recover From the Earthquake

Slate Nepal has suffered its worst earthquake in 80 years. Across the affected region, which stretches into India and Tibet, the death toll may top 10,000. The poor Asian nation’s limited infrastructure has been stretched to the breaking point by overwhelming need, as first responders attempt to rescue those trapped in remote areas and assess… Read More »

Team Rubicon Leaving For Nepal To Help In Rescue Efforts

  Leyna Nguyen Report Video: http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/team-rubicon-leaving-for-nepal-to-help-in-rescue-efforts/vp-BBiImFv     Read More »

Nepal Quake 2015: Team Rubicon springs into action

Booktrib.com The largest earthquake to hit Nepal since 1934 has left at least 2,400 people dead. In response to the fallout generated by the 7.8 quake, Team Rubicon has announcedthe deployment of a recon team. The team will focus on Nepal’s capital city of Kathmandu, which now lies in ruins. Early estimates say 90 percent… Read More »

Team Rubicon deploys to earthquake disaster in Nepal

Yesterday, Team Rubicon announced the deployment of a recon team to the earthquake disaster in Nepal. According to their site, a larger team is forming for a potential follow-up deployment. The organization will make an announcement soon. The 7.8 earthquake that hit Nepal two days ago has left aconfirmed 2,400 people dead with the number… Read More »

Field Reports

Signing Off in Sermathang

Today, volunteers of Operation: Tenzing demobilized from the Sermathang Village of Nepal. The villagers were very appreciative of our work and a bit saddened by our departure. I was honored to present the village leader with a T-shirt signed by volunteers from TR USA and TR UK. As he walked with me through the village, showing me the… Read More »

Update from the Field

Ten volunteers are billeted at the Sermathang Base Camp where 100 tarps and tents where delivered and debris removal of the boarding school and community center continued. Following the 7.3 magnitude earthquake on Tuesday, 19 patients were treated and damage assessments were conducted in the villages of Bulgaun and Burawa. So far, wide-area assessments have… Read More »

All Teams Present and Accounted For

Another update. After last night's earthquake, all Team Rubicon personnel are accounted for and safe. Our remote teams were enroute to different locations and were cut off by landslides but were able to hike in and connect. After we ensured accountability I broke our team in Kathmandu into 3 squads and we conducted USAR (urban… Read More »

Team Rubicon UK Spins Up

Team Rubicon ignited a movement that is attracting skilled military veterans from around the world. Thirty-six hours after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal, a recon team from the U.S. was en route to Kathmandu. Not long after their arrival, a team of British Armed Forces veterans, including Gurkhas, began preparations to join them for Operation: Tenzing. This became… Read More »

Foreign Medical Personnel in Nepal

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) shared this infographic showcasing the amount of foreign medical personnel currently providing aid in Nepal. We're honored to represent the US while working with other nations to support those affected by this tragedy. Read More »

Tending to Outlying Villages

Currently, 31 Team Rubicon members are on the ground in Kathmandu conducting impact assessments and medical operations, while five medics and five more veterans of the British Armed Forces are expected to arrive today. Here's a breakdown of personnel by speciality: 1 Task Force Leader 21 Medical Personnel 5 doctors 6 nurses 6 paramedics 1 EMT 3 logisticians 5 Linguists 14-Person Wide-Area… Read More »

Anatomy of a Recon Team

On April 26, we deployed a four-man recon team out of LAX to Kathmandu. While most TR Recon teams focus on gathering intelligence and providing input on further deployments, the Tenzing Recon team has a slightly different focus. While many agencies are focusing on search and rescue and life-saving operations, Team Rubicon is tackling the… Read More »

Follow-On Team Readies to Deploy

On Sunday, April 26, a four-man recon team comprised of experienced veterans and first responders deployed to Kathmandu from Los Angeles. This team will coordinate with local, national, and international authorities while Team Rubicon plans for a follow-on team's arrival to conduct assessments and carry out medical support as needed. Several volunteers - primarily medical professionals and logisticians… Read More »

Initial Situation Report

At 06:11 Zulu on April 25, a 7.9 M Earthquake was detected by international earthquake monitoring systems. The initial quake has been followed by multiple aftershocks, decreasing from Magnitude 7.9 to 4.5 over the past 7 hours. Current reports indicate significant damage to older structures and critical infrastructure in Kathmandu, some damage of older structures… Read More »


The Day I Met Beastmode

After joining Team Rubicon four years ago, Brain Brown weighs in on what keeps him on standby. Read More »

Providing Relief in Remote Villages of Nepal

“This is Mashal, he was crushed by bricks- he has pain to his head neck, and arm.” “This is Netra, she was crushed by house too.” “This baby, he has cough since earthquake, diarrhea, and not want to eat.” Within 30 minutes of announcing the opening of our mobile clinic, an open field and a canvas… Read More »

Stillness and Acceptance

Air Force veteran and certified nurse-midwife Gina Fasciani reflects on providing medical aid to the "sturdy and resilient people" of Nepal. Read More »