Message to TR volunteers: TR monitoring storms in Deep South

Team Rubicon (TR) Volunteers,

TR HQ is currently monitoring the situation on the ground in the Deep South. No regions have been activated at the moment though TR is speaking to individuals on the ground to assess the need for a response. No action is required by you. Stand by for further information.

If you are a volunteer in the affected areas and can report confirmed large scale damage, please do so below this same message on TR’s main facebook page here:

As a reminder, TR deploys teams when a natural disaster overwhelms local, state, and federal emergency services. Deploying teams into the affected areas will ultimately be decided by HQ. Self-deployment is never authorized. While TR cannot stop volunteers from deploying by themselves, if you do decide to deploy by yourself, please be aware that TR cannot reimburse your expenses or provide equipment and logistical assistance. Also, if you decide to deploy by yourself, you are not authorized to wear your TR shirt or represent yourself as TR for liability purposes.


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  1. gordon says:

    Please add dates to these types of posts.

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