We’re Launching Operation: Seabird

We’re going up against one of the largest storms ever recorded – Super Typhoon Haiyan, which hit the Philippines Friday with massive force. Tomorrow, a team of 15 specially qualified TR volunteers from across the country along with three members from Making Change, a veterans-based relief organization in Norway, will board flights to Manila.

The primary objectives of Operation: Seabird are facilitating search and rescue efforts and providing medical triage for a full-scale field hospital in Tacloban. The field hospital can handle up to 100 patients at a time and will be managed by Mammoth Medical Missions, who’s standing up a surgical team of 17.

We’re in the process of outfitting volunteers with PPE and preparing packs so they remain self-sufficient for several days after arrival. The team will also be transporting medical response kits supplied by Direct Relief. We’ll continue to assemble intel gathered over the last 48 hours and adjust our strategy based on conditions reported from the ground.

This is TR’s first international mission since deploying to Burma to provide medical aid for ethnic Karen refugees in October 2012. Volunteers for Operation: Seabird were vetted and hand-selected  based on a number of criteria, including medical and search & rescue certifications, past TR deployment history, and availability. We ask others to consider supporting our response and keep the people of the Philippine Islands in your thoughts as the death toll is feared to be very high.

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  1. jay tupaz says:

    Thank you for helping my country …….

  2. Arsenia says:

    I am from Balangiga Eastern Samar.. PLease send your team to our hometown. The government had forgotten about them. They have been dying from Hunger and no medical help… If I can volunteer to help in tacloban I would love that.. I speak the language and I have medical back office, CNA and continuing my education to be LVN.. I have a lot of families that died in Samar and Leyte. we did fundraising but still not enough to spread around the small villages.. Please help my family, relatives my friends and my people.. Thank you and god bless you all for helping my country..(*&*)

  3. Jinny says:

    Arsenia: My heart is breaking for your country and these small villages. I hope help is on the way to you. You will be in my prayers.

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  5. M Pirie says:

    I am very grateful for all that you do. It’s very heart-warming to know this level of service and dedication exists. More power to all your team members!

    Please support my campaign to have Philippine Airlines team up with you!

    Please join this campaign: http://chn.ge/1jfnV5t

  6. Hello, first of all, I want to say thank you for all that Team Rubicon is doing for the Phiippines, for the world, and for our veterans. I am currently in the works of planning The Breath & Blessings Project, bring together yoga and donations in support of your efforts in the Philippines. I will be in contact with someone at Team Rubicon shortly about this project and I hope to get more information about TR’s non-profit status and mission. Thank you again!

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  8. THANK YOU says:

    I am grateful and thankful for the organizers of Team Rubicon for their immediate and voluntary response to help our typhoon victims in the Philippines. Tacloban City is my hometown where my family and lots of relatives live. I worked as an RN at Eastern Visayas Regional Medical Center 9 years ago and this govermental hospital in Tacloban City will greatly appreciate any help/service that we can give like medical assistance/supplies to well-serve those patients in need.

  9. Jojo says:

    Thank you so much for your precious help in my country. The Filipino nation is truly grateful for your help. God bless you all.

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  11. d' says:


    I am an American soldier on active duty and would like to know how I may volunteer for any work for the Haiyan efforts. I speak 2 Philippine languages and can navigate the islands pretty well.

    Thank you.

  12. Anonymous says:

    thank you very much for helping my country. god bless team rubicon..

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