Join Region VII for our Ceremonial “Ribbon” Chainsawing and Open House

The organization that pioneered the concept of veteran-led disaster response is opening their first regional officein Kansas City, MO.

Join Team Rubicon’s co-founder William McNulty, Director of Domestic Operations Matt Pelak, and Region 7 Director Ford Sypher as they open the doors to the first office by chainsawing through a ribbon-covered log with Military Veterans standing with them to symbolize their regional disaster readiness.

During the open house, there will be complimentary food, drink, and opportunities for attendees to learn about Team Rubicon’s (TR) international and domestic disaster relief efforts and to talk with members of the TR team who responded to the Joplin tornado.

TR unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with medical professionals to deploy vanguard teams that bridge the gap in disaster response. Due to the rapid growth of our volunteer base, and our desire to engage that base more regularly here at home, Team Rubicon is restructuring the organization to allow for more effective response to both large and small domestic disasters. It feels good to grow!

TR decided to launch its pilot program for domestic development in Kansas City under the direction of Ford Sypher, an Army Ranger veteran and TR Team Leader in Tuscaloosa and Joplin.  Ford and Co. are hanging their sign up in Kansas City (FEMA Regional Headquarters…how nice), and would love it if TR-Nation supporters would swing by with some home-made brownies—actually Ford will pass on the brownies, he hasn’t eaten a carb since 2004.

TR has chosen Kansas City as the pilot model, due to logistical strength in responding to disasters in the surrounding states by developing a centralized logistical and supply operations center in our hometown. As well, with nearly one-third of the TR veteran volunteers based in the Midwest, we have a strong grassroots network to build upon. These two features of Region 7 help promote TR’s overall mission: Reintegrating veterans as they return home from war through service, volunteerism, and building community – all while serving the communities they call home through disaster response assistance.

Team Rubicon Region VII Office
207 Westport Road Suite A
Kansas City, MO 64111

Monday December 5th
4PM – “Ribbon” Chainsawing and Opening Ceremony
4:30PM to 7:00PM – Open House with food, drink, and conversation

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