EF-4 Tornado hits Oklahoma

Team Rubicon placed on standby for imminent deployment to Oklahoma City. TR HQ is assessing the response and will update OrgAction with deployment details.
Standby for more information.

6 Responses to “EF-4 Tornado hits Oklahoma”

  1. Doc Hansen says:

    Standing by for further instructions!

  2. Best wishes says:

    I spent ten years doing disaster relief in OKC. They have phenomenal infrastructure for local response there. I hope everyone is ok.

  3. Chris Raup says:

    Stand strong OK. Was stationed at Fort Sill and learned these are resilient people!

  4. Arthur says:

    If I’m needed to help in this time of need for the folks of Oklahoma I’m here to help….! standing by for further information…..!

  5. Bernie Burris says:

    Hang tough ya’ll. Was stationed at Tinker AFB for 13 years both as a Fire troop and AWACS aircrew. I know a lot of my friends live in the Moore area. Hang in there buddies!!

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