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Making Every Day My “Go Day”

Zackery McAvoy

Zackery is an Army veteran residing in Ohio and serves as the state's membership engagement coordinator for Team Rubicon.

Five years ago I had no direction. I had willingness but no purpose. I joined the United States Army and found that direction, pride, and purpose were part of waking up. I lost it again when I was discharged from active duty one year ago, and all of that was buried deep inside with no key.


Team Rubicon was the key. I went into my first operation in April feeling lost. I am now excelling as the Logistic Section Chief for a Type 4 flood operation in Missouri. I have made connections with the community and came away with a smile as I see the effect we are having on the lives of those we are serving.

As I reflect on Go Day, Team Rubicon’s sixth anniversary, I can’t help but feel the organization gave me the ability to wake up and make every day my Go Day!