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Third Annual Run As One

Run As One set for April 12 in more than 60 cities

USMC Veteran William Rosche Reflects on Operation: Valley Forge

Knowing I’d be in the cold all day was not exactly an added attraction to volunteer for this operation, but I recognized people needed help, so I left my newly […]

HISTORY, For the Win

The HISTORY Channel kicked off its 2014 Mission to Honor campaign by hosting 40 veteran members of TR and The Mission Continues at Super Bowl XLVIII. Dedicated TR volunteers from across the […]

Q & A with USMC Veteran Joe Quinto

Region 6 Communications Manager Erica Chomsky took some time outside the National Leadership Conference to catch up with Joe Quinto, longtime R6 volunteer, Houston, TX District Coordinator, proud father, and […]

Professional Mentorships for TR Veterans

Are you a veteran looking to grab a gig in the corporate sector? Would you benefit from a mentorship created to help you tidy up that resume, step up your […]

Get on the Team

“Yeah, we’re nuts.” … And with that, and maybe a few expletives, nearly 20 members of Team Rubicon and Team Red, White & Blue plunged into the frigid waters at […]

The Reflection’s in the Fabric

TR Nation is full of gnarly tattoos and hidden talents. After Navy veteran Windy Barton spent several weeks helping homeowners during Operation: Starting Gun, she decided to share her sentiment […]

Operation: Lost Wood and Operation: Silver Bullet Wrap-Up

Two concurrent flood recovery operations close out

TR Region 8 launches Operation: Silver Bullet; deploys to Manitou Springs, CO

Team Rubicon Region 8 is deploying on Operation: Silver Bullet to Manitou Springs, CO to conduct flood recovery operations. Volunteers from Region 8 will provide the community of Manitou Springs […]

TR Region 7 launches Operation: Lost Woods; deploys to Waynesville, MO

Team Rubicon Region 7 is deploying on Operation: Lost Woods to Waynesville, MO to conduct flood recovery operations. Consisting of  strike teams from Region 7 and members from HQ, the […]