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Get on the Team

“Yeah, we’re nuts.” … And with that, and maybe a few expletives, nearly 20 members of Team Rubicon and Team Red, White & Blue plunged into the frigid waters at […]

Press Release: Haiti Earthquake Anniversary also Marks Team Rubicon’s 4th Year

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Haiti Earthquake Anniversary also marks Team Rubicon’s 4th Year From Quake’s Rubble, Veterans Redefined Disaster Response LOS ANGELES, Jan. 10, 2014 – The world watched in horror when […]

A Look Back on 2013

This month, we celebrate our four-year anniversary, and man, we’re proud of what our team accomplished in 2013. Last year is a great example of how far we’ve come as […]

USMC Veteran Dave Smith Reflects on Operation: Seabird

Marine veteran Dave Smith, a TR volunteer since 2010, spent close to a month in the Philippines in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan. Below are a few highlights from his […]

Region 9 Launches Operation: Ke Nui in Hawaii

Volunteers assist with debris removal on the North Shore of Oahu following a high surf episode

Awesomeness Not Containable

Well, Amazon ain’t down with selling awesome. Just before Christmas, we launched our one-of-a-kind Box of Awesomeness on, encouraging supporters and anyone they’ve ever made eye contact with to […]

Don’t Suppress the Awesomeness

Our Boxes of Awesomeness are a hit among TR supporters. For instance, check out this nod from Brian Wagner of McBee Strategic. However, it appears Amazon is attempting to contain the awesomeness. First, we […]

Topping this Year’s Best Gift List: Box of Awesomeness

Hot cups of coffee on a brisk morning. Golden retrievers. New car smell. Fresh powder. Those things are unquestionably awesome. You know what else is awesome? This box. This Box […]

A Look Back on Operation: First In, Last Out

It’s been an incredibly busy couple months for TR, but we can’t overlook the great work accomplished in Region 1 last August where more than 20 volunteers descended on Rutland, […]

Medical Team Providing Aid in Carigara

Currently, 65 TR volunteers are deployed on Operation: Seabird, divided among the cities of Manila, Tacloban, and Carigara. Bravo Team 1 conducted building improvements and stabilization of a field hospital […]