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Turkey 2011 After Action Report

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TR’s scout team presents final analysis on Turkey

28 October 2011 SUMMARY Team Rubicon sent a small scout team to recon the earthquake disaster zones near Van Lake in eastern Turkey.  Transportation to these areas took almost 72 […]

TR calls end of operations in Turkey

Scout Team leader Josh Webster has reported back to Team Rubicon HQ that further TR medical teams are unnecessary. After spending three days surveying Search and Rescue efforts and conducting […]

Day 3 Turkey Operations Update from “PJ” Josh Webster

27 October 2011 Team Rubicon’s scout team departed the city of Ercis in the morning. The local gymnasium had been converted into a makeshift hospital, and we had spent some […]

Day 2 Turkey Operations Update from “PJ” Josh Webster

26 October 2011 Snow covered the local mountain ranges, and sprinkled all the way down to the 7000 ft mark. Ercis sat just above 5000 ft, so we were spared […]

Day 1 Turkey Operations Update from “PJ” Josh Webster

25 October 2011 We awoke at 4:30 am and headed for the airport. Istanbul International Airport was a beehive of activity that early, and we talked strategy as we checked […]

TR reports from Ercis, Turkey; joins search and rescue efforts

Team Rubicon reached the city of Ercis yesterday afternoon. Pararescueman Josh Webster, reporting from satellite phone, spoke of major earthquake damage in the city and shortages of food and shelter. […]

24 Oct Reflection from “PJ” Josh Webster in Turkey

24 October 2011 Nathan and I shouldered our backpacks for the last time until we would (hopefully) see them in Turkey. Dressed in khaki, with similar builds, similar haircuts, and […]

TR Deploys Specialized Scout Team to Turkey

On Sunday, a magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck the city of Van in Turkey; immediate death tolls are expected to rise above 1,000 as rescue workers continue to dig through the […]

USGS: Magnitude 7.2 – EASTERN TURKEY

2011 October 23 10:41:21 UTC Team Rubicon is monitoring… Open publication – Free publishing – More team rubicon Share