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Operation: Upper Nile – Reflection from Navy Veteran Eric Smith

I am probably the most hated man in the Gendrassa refugee camp, at least among the children here. It’s pretty funny in a way. I fully intended to come to […]

Operation: Upper Nile – Reflection and Update from USMC Veteran Levi Briscoe

Team Rubicon has given me the mission I yearn for along with an outlet for the skills I desire to utilize. Both of these factors are deeply enhanced by the […]

Operation: Upper Nile – Reflection from British Army Veteran Adam Delmonico

After leaving the Army I felt lost and unable to fit in within the civilian world.  What was important to others out there wasn’t important to me, and I felt […]

Operation: Upper Nile – Reflection from Army Veteran Matt Brudnok

While serving in the US Army I was able do many great things, ranging most of the combat engineering spectrum. When I left, the feeling that I could use what […]

Operation: Upper Nile – Field Update

The situation in South Sudan continues to worsen, making TR and IMC’s intervention even more significant. Heavy flooding has greatly altered the relocation schedule of refugees intended for Yusuf Batil. Of the […]