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Remembering Clay

Today marks three years since Clay Hunt took his own life. Dave Smith, a Marine veteran, world traveler, and dedicated member of Team Rubicon currently serving in The World Race, shared several memories of his time spent with Clay.

What Role Does a Civilian Play in Our Mission?

It was 104 degrees in the former Team Rubicon office in Inglewood, CA when a simple question drove me into Jake Wood’s office. I’d fallen into a combat veteran’s world […]

Christa López Recalls Her First Date with TR

I was studying for a second Master’s degree in emergency and disaster management when a classmate mentioned Team Rubicon. I’ve been a first responder since 2002 and deployed on several […]

Navy Veteran and EMT Dustin Cattani Reflects on Operation: Frozen Oak

Dustin Cattani is a volunteer member with Team Rubicon, a former Navy lieutenant of eight years, and served as an emergency medical technician for 12. He shared this reflection after […]

“What Do Y’all Charge?”

USAF veteran Aimee Sherrod is currently deployed on Operation: Frozen Oak in Augusta, GA. She shared this moment after clearing debris from a homeowner’s property yesterday.  Us: *knock on door* Resident: “What […]

Former Fire Chief and Navy Corpsman Bob Obernier Reflects on Operation: Frozen Oak

During Operation: Frozen Oak, I was reminded once again why we do what we do in Team Rubicon. During a weather/maintenance stand-down, I was notified by my local EOC contact […]

USMC Veteran William Rosche Reflects on Operation: Valley Forge

Knowing I’d be in the cold all day was not exactly an added attraction to volunteer for this operation, but I recognized people needed help, so I left my newly […]

Air Force Veteran Nate Jacobs Reflects on Operation: Honest Abe

140 volunteers poured 11,000 man hours into cleaning up Washington, IL

Photo Journalist Kirk Jackson Reflects on Operation: Seabird

Day One in Tanauan  It was Haiti in 2010 that we last saw this level of destruction — a level of destruction that doesn’t just leave entire cities displaced, but also strips […]

The Reflection’s in the Fabric

TR Nation is full of gnarly tattoos and hidden talents. After Navy veteran Windy Barton spent several weeks helping homeowners during Operation: Starting Gun, she decided to share her sentiment […]