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Magnitude 7.4 – SOUTHWESTERN PAKISTAN 2011 January 18 20:23:17 UTC

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TEDxSanDiego – Jake Wood – The 1.8 Million Volunteer Solution

From his combat experiences as a Marine in Iraq and Afghanistan, Jake Wood discovered that he and other vets have developed the perfect skills for service in crisis situations outside […]

Pakistan After Action Report

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Team Rubicon at The #Wharton School this cold December morning


Team Rubicon’s Matt Pelak and William McNulty prepare to speak at The #Wharton School conference: “From Haiti to Pakistan: A Year of Disasters”


TR in Huffington Post Op-Ed: Engaging Our Nation’s Greatest Untapped Resource

Click here to take you to Huff-Po Every time the United States military deploys to provide emergency assistance in the wake of natural disasters, it stretches the already overburdened American […]

TR Leave Behind Packet

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Drip Drop/Team Rubicon Pakistan Video


Mission: Pakistan Executive Summary

Mission: Pakistan Starting in August, torrential rains kicked off the 2010 monsoon season in Northern Pakistan. With record rain fall, rivers quickly swelled and began flooding towns and villages throughout […]