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TR in WDSU: Military vets help recover tombs

Team Rubicon finds remains washed away by Hurricane Isaac BRAITHWAITE, La. — A group of military veterans is on the ground in Lower Plaquemines Parish recovering caskets and tombs washed […]

TR Wraps Up Operation: Cajun Clean Up; Celebrates NOLA Style!

Team Rubicon Region VI DFO Shane ValVerde, Team Leader for Operation: Cajun Clean Up has called off operations in Plaquemines Parish. The team, deployed from Region X courtesy of JetBlue, […]

Bayou Blitz Reflection from Navy Veteran Denise Clancy “You are amazing!”

In a few hours, I’ll wake up to a brand new day. The sun will probably be shining, the chicory-flavored coffee will tickle the inside of my nose, and the […]

Reflection from Navy Veteran Denise (Dee) Clancy

Reflections of Yesterday (and a few days before that, and maybe even a few years before that)… Denise (dee) Clancy It’s after midnight on what is technically my fourth day […]

Reflection from TR Photographer Thomas Hudson: Operation Bayou Blitz – What Exactly is “High Speed?”

Thomas Hudson Team Rubicon has chocked Operation Bayou Blitz’s roster full of all the people you would want next to you if things get really, really bad. This team packs […]

Operation Bayou Blitz

With search and rescue operations scaling down, and the water in the most devastated neighborhoods remaining to be pumped out before hurricane recovery can begin in earnest, Team Rubicon’s south […]

Reflection from former Navy Combat Engineer and Medic Timothy Chadwick Reynolds

31 AUG 2012 As a brand new Team Rubicon member and Veteran of this great nation, I as a person have been refreshed anew. Today we came together as team, […]

TR in Team Rubicon’s military veterans, civilians volunteer for Hurricane Isaac cleanup

Team Rubicon’s military veterans, civilians volunteer for Hurricane Isaac cleanup Published: Saturday, September 01, 2012, 8:02 PM By Ramon Antonio Vargas, The Times-Picayune When the path leading to her home […]

TR Activates Regions 4 & 6 for Operation: Bayou Blitz

Team Rubicon activates Regions 4 & 6 for Operation Bayou Blitz in response to Hurricane Isaac. The OpOrder has been published in OrgAction. It is VITAL that all deploying members […]

TR on stand by for Hurricane Isaac

Team Rubicon is on stand by for Hurricane Isaac. All volunteers within a 200 mile radius of New Orleans are urged to sign up through OrgAction. Share