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Press Release: Haiti Earthquake Anniversary also Marks Team Rubicon’s 4th Year

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Haiti Earthquake Anniversary also marks Team Rubicon’s 4th Year From Quake’s Rubble, Veterans Redefined Disaster Response LOS ANGELES, Jan. 10, 2014 – The world watched in horror when […]

Training Haiti’s Finest

Without exception, our EMS students in Haiti were motivated by their experiences following the January 2010 earthquake. Some suffered personal injuries. Some lost friends or family. Many have been volunteering […]

On the Road in Haiti

When working in Pòtoprens, you spend a lot of time on the road. After all, that’s why we are here: to make the emergency medical response times quicker by training […]

Haiti Update – Physical Training and Defensive Tactics for EMS


Operation: Haitian Pulse – Team Member Reflection

I ‘ve learned more than the Haitians. I have been busting Jake’s and Web’s balls for about the past nine months to send me somewhere, anywhere. Even though I am […]

Operation: Haitian Pulse – Reflection from Tam Nguyen, Army Veteran

Today was a super productive day. The night before, we worked our rears off to get more material for our curriculum including power points and EMT skills manuals. So by […]

Operation: Haitian Pulse – Day 3 and 4 Photos


Haiti Reflection From Former USAF PJ Luke Williams

Bonswa from Port-au-Prince. My name is Luke Williams. I’m a former USAF pararescueman and have been waiting for my first opportunity to work with TR. If, as Tam hinted, Day […]

Reflection from TR Paramedic Instructor Brad Ratliff

This is my second time deploying with Team Rubicon to Haiti. Although our primary objective this time is not to treat the sick and the wounded on a large scale, […]

Operation: Haitian Pulse- Day One Photos