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Join Dana Leong and Tektonik to help TR at Joe’s Pub in NYC on 8/24/13

  Hey TR Nation in NYC, you busy on the 24th? The correct answer is, “No, TR. What do you have in mind?” Good question. See, Dana Leong and Tektonik […]

May 18th, We Run as One

Join us as we Run as One with Team RWB

Photo Update: Fundraiser at BKB

Probably the best fundraiser we’ve ever been a part of. It had everything we love: beer, pizza, arm wrestling, beer, and lots of beautiful people. Holla BKB! Share

On the Road in Haiti

When working in Pòtoprens, you spend a lot of time on the road. After all, that’s why we are here: to make the emergency medical response times quicker by training […]

TR’s East Coast Team Hits the Hard Ball for Tunnels to Towers

Led by East Coast Coordinator Matt Pelak, TR took to the hard ball in NYC's 2011 Tunnels to Towers Run. On September 11th, firefighter Stephen Siller had just gotten off […]

Team Rubicon and Triple Aught Design head into the mountains for high angle ropes training in Yosemite

This past week Team Rubicon and the team from Triple Aught Design headed into Yosemite to do some climbing and rope training. Lead by Zachary Smith and Kirtus Creiglow of […]

Event Report: Escobar’s TR fundraiser on 3.27.11

As TR prepares for a fundraiser in San Diego, we want to thank CEO and founder of Archer Group Investments, partner at Escobar, and Team Rubicon volunteer, Jesse Levin, for […]

Escobar’s TR fundrasier on 3.27.11 in

Social Consciousness in Aspen March 24, 2011 Aspen is a small town at the end of the road. We the people who live here have a passionate social conscious and […]

TR fundraiser at Escobar Aspen on 3.27.11


TR North Winds Down

TR-North winds down in Port-au-Prince tonight. The city is calm, no political unrest, and we get to relax with a cold Prestige. We can’t ask for much more here… Share